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UBC SailBot

UBC SailBot: Ada is likely lost at sea

D 5 December 2016     H 02:50     A Dronautic Organisation     C 0 messages

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Launched at sea at the end of August from St. John’s harbour in Newfoundland and after travelling 7785km in more than three months, the 5.5 meters long "Donautic" named Ada has been declared "lost at sea" by the team. But they are working to new projects.

Message from the canadian team:

It is with deep regret that we at Sailbot must announce that Ada is likely lost at sea.

We received our last transmission from her almost three weeks ago - although we would like to think that this is because of increased cloud cover over the Atlantic in the winter, combined with fewer daylight hours in winter months in the northern hemisphere, there is also the very real and likely possibility that the Scylla of weathering three major storms and the Charybdis of travelling 7785km in more than three months on the open ocean have taken their toll in some way on her electrical systems.

Whichever is true, winter on the North Atlantic is harsh, and we do not expect that we will hear from Ada anytime soon.

This is an unfortunate turn of events, but we are already making progress on our new vessel, which will build on our successes with Ada and will race in the Vic-Maui Yacht Race, a little closer to home. Several sponsors have already supported our new vessel, including Alpha Technologies, Seaspan Shipyards, VARD Marine, the UBC Department of Mechanical Engineering, and APEGBC.

We’re excited to share progress on our new vessel with you and all our other sponsors and well-wishers - keep an eye on this space for forthcoming design updates in the new year as we move from preliminary designs to a final design.

Thank you so much for all your support for and interest in Ada. It is truly inspiring to know that we have such support, and we hope to continue to inspire and amaze.

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