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Pro-Am Yacht Design contest

D 25 May 2014     H 10:34     A Dronautic Organisation     C 0 messages

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In September 2014 will be presented the DRONAUTIC’6 rule-box. This rule will define a 6 meters long and 6 meters wide (maximum) Dronautic.

At the same time, a Pro-Am yacht design contest will be opened to students, amateurs and professionals.

Until this time, you can check the first definitions of a DRONAUTIC’6 on the dedicated page of this site and you can began working on what can be a DN6 able to navigate around the world.

Provisional schedule
• September 2014: Presentation of the DRONAUTIC’6 rule-box and opening of the Pro-Am Yacht Design contest
• December 2014 (Paris boat show): Presentation of the first competitors
• April 2015: Deadline for the projects
• May 2015: Jury deliberation
• June 2015: Presentation of the winners of the contest in the amateur, student and professional divisions

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Dronautic in the international press

Here are the articles published in the international press about Dronautic.

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DRONAUTIC’6 Class rule V1.0

The object of Dronautic is to organize competitions and events where it is possible to evaluate and compare different projects from different teams all around the world. In that way is defined the rule box for the Dronautic Teams, the Dronautic’6.

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The Dronautic Revolution 1968 - 2018

The first non-stop and unmanned round the world yacht race will be launched in 2018. Different 6 meters long nautical drones, the Dronautic’6, designed and managed by students, engineers or experimented sailors will compete together to be back to the starting port after rounding the Antarctic. Will you be between them?

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History : in the line-up of the legendary round the world navigations

In 1968, three men had the idea to set sail around the world, alone. By learning their project, the Sunday Times launched the Golden Globe, a trophy for the first one to come back in England, and a price money of 5000£ for the best performance, non-stop, around the world. From 1968 June 1st to October 31st, nine sailors took the start of the first ever-sailing race around the world. Only one came back. Sir Robin Knox-Johnston did is in more than 312 days at the helm of Suhaili.

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The Dronautic schedule 2014 - 2019

The Dronautic goal is to organize a revolution, a race around the world, non-stop, unmanned, without nuclear of fossil energy and with a limited assistance.

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On June 1968 1st, the Golden Globe starting line was opened. It was the first single-handed, non-stop, round the world race.
On June 2018, The Dronautic Revolution staring line will be open for the first unmanned, non-stop, round the world race.
Which Dronautic will be the first one to finish this revolution?
Will this first Dronautic come back in less than 312 days as did Sir Robin Knox-Johnston 50 years before?

The Dronautic Revolution 2018: enter the race!
DRONAUTIC (definition & ambitions)
HISTORY (from 1st round the world to Dronautic)
SCHEDULE 2014 - 2019


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