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Dronautic : definition and ambitions

mercredi 21 mai 2014Dronautic Organisation

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A Dronautic is a nautical drone. It is a yacht navigating at the surface of the oceans, seas or fresh waters, without any crew onboard, in complete energy autonomy. This energy can’t come from fossil energy or nuclear power.

Drone : A drone (« male honeybee » from the old-English ; UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard.

A Dronautic in few words

Yacht : a Dronautic navigates at the surface of oceans, seas or fresh waters. It is not a plane or a sub-marine.
Drone : A Dronautic has no crew. It navigates in autonomy (see communication).
Propulsion : A Dronautic can use any energy from which is not nuclear or fossil. It can use wind or solar energies of both of them.
Assistance : A Dronautic can receive information from its team. This information is dedicated to the routing of the Dronautic in the way to change course due to race organization decisions or weather conditions.
Communication : A Dronautic has to be able to signal its own position to the other vessels navigating around (AIS, radar, etc.). It has to be able to send information to its team and race organization (position, images, inboard fret, etc.).
Fret : A Dronautic can be a future transportation system on the oceans. The rules of the competitions opened to the Dronautic could force them to embark a scientific laboratory or other kind of fret. In the case of a mini laboratory is embarked aboard the Dronautic, the communication system of the vessel should be able to transmit information from the laboratory (for example : weather, sea life, etc. information).
Materials : There is no material limitation but the use of eco-responsible materials would be a plus in the communication of the team.
Monohull, catamaran or trimaran ? Each Dronautic has to enter a rule-box that defines length, width, and height. In this box, each team has open choice to conceive its Dronautic.
Unsinkable : For security reasons, a Dronautic should be unsinkable. Each team has to be able to get back its Dronautic by its own.
Capsize : The Dronautic designers have to be able to redress they vessels in case of capsize. This operation should be autonomous or helped with the communication system onboard.

Key elements of Dronautic


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