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Datamaran : A small Dronautic to collect and transmit hydrographic data

mercredi 4 novembre 2015Dronautic Organisation

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The Datamaran is an autonomous catamaran developed by the East coat company AMS (Autonomous Marine Systems). Based in Boston, Eamon Carrig, the CEO, has been working since 2007 on a small Dronautic able to collect and transmit hydrographic data across the surface of the globe.

The boat is a 2.5 meters long catamaran powered by a 2.3 meters long wingsail and electric engines. With on hull less than the West coast designed Saildrone, the Datamaran is less stable. That’s why AMS made them able to come-back on their hulls after a capsize. This video demonstrates the solution :

The company says they can provide a low-cost solution for collecting data on the oceans. And, with a fleet of 5 Datamarans, AMS annouces being able to cover 5000 km2 per day.

More information on the Datamaran
- AMS website : www.automarinesys.com

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